Prop Bets the Biggest Bridge that Brings Sports Betting and Fantasy Together

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Tyrone Black
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There are obvious common synergies between fantasy sports and sports wagering.  But there is one in particular that truly brings the two together.

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Yahoo Sports writes:

According to a recent Ipsos study, 70 percent of fantasy sports players replied he/she would be willing to or have previously placed a wager on a sports event within the past year. Conclusion: The overlap between the sides is significant. In various ways, they’re cousins after all. Though a few bridges connect the two, none is broader, wider and more substantial than player props. This is where the two worlds collide into a supernova of sweats.

One of the bigger hybrid fantasy prop games is Monkey Knife Fight.

It mixes the best of legal sports gaming with the best of irreverent sports culture. Users compete against the House or with friends to win real money from an array of easy to play sports contests. Monkey Fight. Monkey Win.

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*Create alerts, analyze data, generate reports
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Pick a game and place fun prop bets on it.  You will select a prop such as the OVER/UNDER on the total number of points a player scores.  More than one player must be selected (parlay).

One of the more popular prop bets entering the upcoming 2019 NFL season revolve around newly drafted Kyler Murray.

Kyler Murray passing yards this season: 3,100.5 - The OVER was coming in priced at -200, the UNDER +150.

Kyler Murray passing touchdowns this season: 17.5 OVER: -154, UNDER: +120

- Tyrone Black,

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