Spring Ahead Of The Season With A Premium Sportsbook Solution

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March Madness is here. That’s good news for most online bookie agents, but it’s also a double-edged sword for many agents. While bookies are happy that the second most important betting event of the year is about to take place, anxiety might be building in the back of their minds.

Some agents might be anxious about what to do after March Madness ends. Although the Stanley Cup Playoffs and NBA Playoffs should attract some action, it might not attract enough action.

That’s why bookie agents must consider a premium sportsbook solution. What’s a premium sportsbook solution?

Check it out!

PayPerHead’s Premium Sportsbook Solution

A premium sportsbook solution doesn’t just concentrate on offering the tried and true sports wagers on football, basketball, baseball, and hockey. A premium solution opens the book so that per head agents can make money year-round on sports other than the classics.

PayPerHead allows their agents to offer wagering on 80+ leagues. Many of those leagues are international, meaning that agents can make a profit after March Madness.

Here are some ways to make a profit after the madness ends.

Horse Racing

The online racebook could be like printing money. Agents that aren’t currently promoting the online racebook should absolutely consider doing it soon.

PayPerHead.com offers over 70 race tracks with multiple player profiles so bookies can bank profits 365 days a year!

The Triple Crown: Kentucky Derby, Preakness, and Belmont starts in early May. After the Triple Crown, the racing season kicks it up a notch with the Del Mar and Saratoga meets.

Online Casino

Every once in a while, online bookies should promote the online casino. The casino is a long-tail revenue stream like selling small products for only a few dollars.

Over the long run, bookies make money through their online casinos. Plus, PayPerHead’s online casino, your online casino, is self-service, meaning your players decide when they want to wager.

You mustn’t spend money or time changing betting lines, setting max betting limits, etc.

International sports betting

This is where PayPerHead agents can really excel. International sports happen year round.

  • Why not gain action on all the soccer that takes place from now until the middle of the summer?
  • Why not gain action on all Formula 1 races that happen from now until the end of the Formula 1 season?
  • Why not promote and accept action on the Cricket World Cup in July?

 International betting action is there for the taking.

Unpopular betting sports

Golf, NASCAR, and tennis are unpopular betting sports only because most players don’t know how to bet on those sports, or understand the odds on those sports.

Educate players about how they could make +2500 on Tiger Woods if he wins the Players Championship this week.

Once pay per head agents explain how much money players can make on PGA Tournaments, NASCAR races, or WTA and ATP tennis matches, players should start making wagers.

Promote odds and action will follow. 

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