Leverage the Premier League Futures Odds To Increase Sportsbook Action

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Most pay per head agents probably don’t know that the most wagered upon sports league in the world is the English Premier League.

Also called EPL, the English Premier League boasts some of the most popular club teams in soccer. Squads like Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, and Arsenal all play in the EPL.

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English Premier League Future Odds

Online bookies like you should check out Premier League future odds. Then, read about how you can leverage those EPL futures odds to increase sportsbook action.

-275                   Manchester City

+220                                Liverpool

+25000                             Tottenham

+25000               Manchester United

+100000                                  Chelsea

+150000                                  Arsenal

Use Manchester City’s Odds to Increase Action

Manchester City currently has 74 points. They’re also still alive in the Champions League. That means Manchester City is working for two different league championships.

Online bookie agents can leverage this information a couple of ways.

odds at -275. overlayFirst, Man City, because they’re alive in the Champions League as well as leading EPL, is one of the top teams in the world. Manchester City offers

Bookies can increase action on Man City at -275 by bringing up this fact.

The flip side, the second way to leverage Manchester City’s odds to win the English Premier League, is to use those odds to increase action on all other teams.

choice at -275.underlayHow? If Man City pays too much attention to winning the Champions League, they might not pay enough attention to winning the EPL. That means, Man City is an

Increase Action on Liverpool

Although Manchester City has garnered all the action to win the English Premier League, as of March 13, Liverpool is only a point behind Man City.

The difference in odds, -275 to +220, doesn’t come close to reflecting Liverpool’s true chances of winning EPL compared to Man City’s true chances.Only a game, one way or another, could lead to Liverpool taking the lead in the English Premier League.

Increase action on Liverpool by telling your bettors this fact.

Increase EPL Futures Action on All Other Teams

The odds on Manchester United are much higher than they should be. The odds are also too high on Chelsea, Arsenal, and Tottenham. At least, that’s what per head agents should tell their players.

Telling players this will increase betting action. It’s a good way to leverage future odds, but it’s not the best way. So, if you use this method, make sure max betting limits are in place.

Increase Action on Daily Soccer Matches

Manchester City and Manchester United have moved on in the Champions League. Liverpool could move on in the Champions League.

Champions League matches will continue throughout the spring and summer.

Not only that, the final day of EPL games is May 12. That gives per head agents a full 8 weeks to use EPL future odds to boost daily soccer match action. The way to do this is to concentrate on games where the most popular teams play.

Especially contrate on promoting action on games that include Manchester United, Manchester City, and Liverpool.

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