Actress Who Portrays Mobster Paloma Faith Threatens to Kill Neighbor's Dog

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Jagajeet Chiba
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  • Threatening to kill defenseless animals not in her DNA, actress says
  • Character on Gotham series is being teased as even more ruthless
  • Says she has no problem letting her young son "wear a dress"


Singer and Actress Paloma Faith, who plays a mobster on the Gotham/Batman prequel Pennyworth, has brought her character to life it seems.

"I recently got into an argument with my next-door neighbour and told him I was gonna kill his dog," she told The Mirror.

"I realised afterwards that I hadn’t got out of ­character yet, and that’s not really my natural behaviour."

The 37-year-old portrays a mobster who runs into a young Alfred Pennyworth and Bruce Wayne’s dad, Thomas. Whatever problems she causes, will affect them for life, with the tale following how the two men end up in Gotham with Alfred working as a mentor for the young Bruce, who grows up to be Batman, as per The Mirror.

Paloma’s character Bet has been teased as a ruthless killer.

Paloma is no stranger to controversy.  Just last week, she told the Press Association she has no problem allowing her young son to wear a dress: “I’m raising my child the way I was raised.

“It’s one of the main reasons I am the success I am. I was raised in a way that made me feel like anything was possible and that gender was not an issue when it came to me striving to be who I wanted to be.

“As a kid, my favourite toys were Lego. I hated dolls. I thought they were awful. I used to cry looking at them. I liked teddy bears and I liked Lego.

“I think we have to leave it open to your child to decide. There’s nothing wrong with any of it.

“If I had a son and he started saying to me, ‘I want to wear that dress’, I don’t see why that’s a problem at that moment in his life.

“But that doesn’t mean that in 20 years’ time he’s still going to want to wear a dress. You go through phases and we have to accept that.”

- Jagajeet Chiba, Gambling911.com

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