NFL Player to Host Jeopardy! Odds

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C Costigan
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Aaron Rodgers shocked the sports and entertainment worlds last night, announcing he would be a guest host on Jeopardy! sometime in the near future.

The exciting news got the oddsmakers thinking...who else might play guest host as the longtime game show searches to permanently fill the iconic shoes of Jeopardy! late host Alex Trebek. came up with a list of current and former NFL players, and it's pretty spot on.

Three affable personalities are at the top of the board as Hines Ward, Tony Romo and Peyton Manning lead the choices.

Mr. Harvard, Ryan Fitzpatrick, is tied for the third-best odds, and the only player to ever pen a perfect score on the Wonderlic test, punter Pat McInally, has 50/1 odds.

The Washington Football Team was Trebek's favorite squad, and there are a trio of QBs from that franchise on the list.

Next current/former NFL player to host Jeopardy!

Hines Ward                 +300

Tony Romo                  +400

Peyton Manning                     +500

Ryan Fitzpatrick                      +500

Richard Sherman                    +800

Baker Mayfield                        +1000

Drew Brees                 +1000

Phil Simms                  +1000

Alex Smith                   +1200

Terry Bradshaw                      +1200

Dan Fouts                    +1400

Eli Manning                 +1400

Mark Rypien               +1600

Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson                +2000

Cris Collinsworth                     +2000

Randy Moss                +2000

Benjamin Watson                   +3300

Myron Rolle                +3300

Tim Tebow                  +3300

Tom Brady                  +3300

Andrew Luck               +5000

Doug Williams             +5000

Pat McInally                +5000

Terrell Owens             +5000

Marshawn Lynch                    +6600

Michael Vick               +6600

O.J. Simpson               +7500

Antonio Brown                       +10000

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