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The MGM Group is doing everything they can to salvage their brand. After Stephen Paddock went on a shooting rampage in October that killed 59 people, (from a room in the Mandalay Bay Hotel-an MGM property) but at the same time they keep (and no pun intended) they keep shooting themselves in the foot. The online bookies are looking to sweep in and scoop the competition by offering cash bonuses, free contests that pay big cash rewards and what’s even better, they always one-up the Vegas competition when it comes to outstanding lines and odds.

The MGM group pioneered "resort fees" this is a fee that is added onto the price of a hotel room, it's meant to cover incidental costs" such as the pool, and other "free of charge" amenities the property might offer. This fee varies in cost, but it can range from $30-to even as much as $80 per night. So, if you are booking online and see a room for $120 per night, be sure to read the fine print as to what the resort fees per night are. It's an added cost to the room per night.

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These fees are charged at all of the MGM's properties including the MGM itself. The other thing the MGM Group pioneered is parking fees. This kills the locals. Since forever, parking in any hotel/casino in Vegas has been free. Some of them would ask you to validate but it was always free. Thanks to the MGM; it's no longer free to park in a strip hotel. The strip has lost a lot of business, boatloads of business, because of this. The sports bettors are going to off-strip Vegas sports books and they are using their online bookie accounts, now, more than ever before.

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HERE IS ONE BETTER --A couple of weeks ago, the MGM Group announced that they would be suing the victims of the Paddock shooting. THAT'S RIGHT! Suing the victims that were shot on their property! MGM is suing these people in an effort to prevent said victims (over 1,000) from suing them; the MGM. The MGM does not want to pay any settlements to any victims from that shooting in October, so they have made a choice to sue the victims. Also, the same week they filed this suit, the MGM Group announced that it would be investing $10 Billion dollars to build or take over casinos in Tokyo Japan.

The MGM sees $$$Billions in profit from gamblers in Japan and they are willing to go all in with $10 Billion. But they are unwilling to face the Music when it comes to 59 people being gunned down on their property. The MGM is all about profits and they don't care about their clients. Thus, this NBA deal. They see millions in profits, they see a cash cow. What the MGM is failing to realize; client care. NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB bettors want the best of everything and that does not necessarily mean facilities. Bettors look for sharp lines, competitive odds and a wide variety of waging options that can not be found in a Las Vegas casino. This is where the online bookie like America’s Bookie are prepared to scoop the business.

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How this deal between the NBA and the MGM plays out, will be extremely interesting to follow. The competition is fierce in Las Vegas and bettors are going to get their bets in somewhere. The offshore bookies offer much better deals on average and they give away a lot of money to get you in the door. It’s a great idea to have several bookies on the line. Know the competition and be prepared going into this NFL season and you will see the rewards every time you check your bank statement.

- Jagajeet Chiba, Gambling911.com

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