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August 2nd, 2018 is just days away and what does this mean? It means the NFL offseason is over. The long wait for the return of the NFL is officially over in less than two weeks.

This year is going to be more fun than ever as handicappers attempt to do what they do best; and that’s predict the outcome of NFL games. Not only do they try to predict the outcome, they try to predict it against the spread. Consistency in the NFL is not an easy task for bettors and as a result, they have turned in large numbers to professional handicappers. Everyone wants to beat their bookie, and everyone is looking for an edge this season.

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What do professional handicappers do, do they charge for their services and are they worth the money? Before the question is answered, first and foremost you should always bear one thing in mind; anybody can call themselves a handicapper. One might glance through the NFL section of ESPN or CBS Sports and consider themselves a handicapper. There is no handicapping school, there is not test that somebody takes. People call themselves a handicapper because they feel they have a certain amount of qualifying knowledge on a given sport that may be above the average knowledge level of the average fan, thus qualifying themselves as a sports handicapper.

Handicapping is a term that comes from horseracing. The professional horse cappers have been around for decades and they are called handicappers for a reason; they study the sport night and day. They are good at what they do because they take on studying horseracing as a full time occupation. They are real handicappers and they literally know their sport like the back of their hand. The handicappers which this refers to are in large part sitting somewhere in a Nevada race book as we speak. They are the “old schoolers” that pay the price day in and day out and you can believe they make a handsome living betting on the ponies.

How does handicapping the horses translate to sports handicapping? It really doesn’t but what has happened is this; over the years, sports bettors have realized that horse handicappers know their stuff and whatever they are doing, it works very well. As a result, serious bettors have followed suite and they have become handicappers in their own rite.

NFL Handicappers have discovered that knowledge is truly power over the online or for that matter; bookies everywhere. The average online bettor has around five sportsbooks that they deal with on a consistent basis. The goal when betting the NFL is to win and in order to win at least 54 % (covering the juice) of the time, the bettor had better come loaded with a wealth of information.

Consistent Winning Means Having More than One Sportsbook

Good handicappers know everything there is to know when it comes to betting on any given team in the NFL. They know win/loss records both at home and on the road. They know win/loss records of the teams they are betting on and against, they know how well teams play after a loss at home and on the road, they know the rosters, they know the management and the typical on-field moves that management makes from game to game and in game situations. Have you ever wondered what Bill Belichick typically does in a 2nd and 7 situations with a 3 point lead on the road, late in the game? A handicapper knows this. They know how teams play in what kind of weather, in a dome or in an open stadium. They know how well teams and individual players play on grass or on turf.

There are literally umpteen millions of things that good NFL handicappers know before they recommend who to bet on. If you want to win consistently then do the smart thing this year and find a great NFL handicapping service. Find a great sports pick site and let the professionals do the hard part; pick the games. You will not be sorry. Protect your investment, play it smart and win big on the NFL.

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