MetaRace P2E Gaming Experience: Breed Your Own Racehorse NFT

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Gilbert Horowitz
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With the 2022 Kentucky Derby in the books and the second biggest upset in Derby history heading to the Preakness Stakes, Rich Strike, there's no better time to delve into the new MetaRace website that combines a number of strands all working together to provide players with a fully immersive P2E gaming experience.  The MetaRace website also focuses on greyhounds.

Players; Breed, Earn, Race & Trade - Virtually and in Real Life

On April 18th, MetaRace Horse Racing was officially launched on the decentralized edge rendering Metaverse protocol – Caduceus. It is the first “Play to Earn ” game launched on Caduceus, co-built by MetaverseGraph Labs.

At entry level players can purchase, then ‘breed’ their own racehorse NFT* which they can then play-to-earn in races against peers and then elevate to Group Race status. However, beyond that, members can also trade their horse(s) and get involved with the community’s own actual racehorse in a unique partnership with racehorse trainer Oliver Cole, of Whatcombe Racing.

Furthermore, players can earn rewards in more ways than just the racing game too, they can also; collect and trade NFT horses, buy and sell decorations (saddle cloths, coloured bridles, jockey silks) - enter competitions and even hold virtual races on their own racecourse!


Where the virtual racing offered by bookmakers is seen as a threat to the racing industry, conversely, MetaRace seeks to be an introduction for the vast online gaming, eSports and blockchain industry to the greatest show on turf.

The breeding program educates virtual players as to how the game started as all the four sires offered are The Original Genesis horses from which all racehorses are descended.  Pretty cool, heh?

“All of us at MetaRace are passionate gamers and equally passionate horseracing fans, so the synergy of this game was too irresistible not to merge the two and MetaRace was born," Alex Dorsi, MetaRace’s Community Manager, explains.  "We already have a strong following and access to the audiences of both worlds and hope the introduction of one to the other can produce a friendship that is commercial, as well as enormous fun.”

He added: “Ultimately eSports and horseracing are about entertainment and good sport, so surely we can all be happy playmates?”

How it Works

The MetaRace NFTs are minting on Caduceus a pioneer at the cutting edge of the blockchain revolution. It has developed technology to enable the metaverse, creating a new world of almost limitless opportunity built on an economy of innovative digital assets, including non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and an ecosystem of applications powered entirely by the blockchain. These decentralized applications (dapps) enable users to communicate, collaborate and transact with each other seamlessly in the metaverse, interacting in real-time and experiencing the same dynamic virtual environments, regardless of their real-world location.

MetaRace are in the process of buying their first real world racehorse, which will be turned into NFTs and are gifting an ownership percentage stake of the race horse to community members of MetaRace. As with real world horseracing, part of the fun is in the naming rights of the horse; as such, MetaRace are inviting community members to help name their first colt and join the fun in their mission to become the biggest Web3 stable in the real world. Join the MetaRace Discord for updates and send any other thoughts.

- Gilbert Horowitz,

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