The Mouth Lashes Out at End Game Talent President: 'Total Sociopath Lying Scumbag Thief'

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Nagesh Rath
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While most the poker community was preparing to usher 2022 with champagne toasts and prayers, outspoken poker pro Mike "The Mouth" Matusow opted to go on an epic rant against End Game Talent President and former head of Twitch Poker Scott Ball.


Matusow accused Scott of writting anonymous threads on the popular posting forum and referred to him as a "total sociopath lying scumbag thief".

Scott was quick to deny he had anything to do with the threads in question.

He tweeted:

"Hey brother I have no other accounts aside from Rumcake or Rumcakes, not sure which. I have nothing negative nor positive to say about you and wish you nothing but health, success and happiness. Happy to buy you dinner and shake your hand and talk if you’d like. Happy new year."

Of course, inquiring minds want to know.  What they hell is this in reference to?

Well, it turns out there is a multi-page thread on the Two Plus Two forum entitled "Mike Matusow - Career Scammer and Thief" has no way of verifying the allegations presented as, like Mike says, they are posted anonymously.  The thread creator using the handle "The Dirt" has but one post on the TwoPlusTwo forum.

So how did Scott Ball get thrown into the equation?

It turns out this goes way back to earlier in 2021 when Matusow launched into his initial tirade against Ball.

The Mouth accused Ball of gambling away $1.1 million of Phil Hellmuth’s rich friends’ investment money and cheating his private online cash game out of $800k.

Fellow pro Doug Polk at the time also went on to bash Ball.

Polk and Matusow would go onto insert themselves into a late year scandal involving alleged cheating during a Hustler Casino live poker stream.

That beef involved Robbi Jade Lew and Garrett Adelstein, the later of whom claimed Lew used a vibrator device to gain an unfair advantage.

Matusow suggested Lew may be a little Flaky, but she's not a cheat.

The Mouth tweeted on October 3:

"Here’s the bottom line! People like Garrett ,Doug Polk , Berkey of course will lean cheat as I first did until I realized wow this girl is high on some serious pills and has no clue where she is! And on that note she did not cheat! Take emotion out of equation and you see truth!"

Ball himself offered his own input into the Lew-Adelstein "vibrator" scandal.  He tweeted out "Facts" after another poker pro called out those who make cheating accusations prematurely.

"Absolutely crazy our community," tweeted Felipe Mojave Ramos, who has over 34,000 followers.  "Jumping into conclusions without proof? Our era. All based on a person intimidated/new to HS. Mental glitch? Normal. Crazy hand? Yes. Accepting refunds after losing/freerolling hand? LOL Imagine being able to play in that line up for ages and this."

Ramos was referring to the Lew-Adelstein matter.

Ramos questioned Lew's moves while stopping short of saying she had cheated. 

"Figured u might appreciate to know that she did not fold the set of Jacks on the river when beat, it went ck-ck. That changes a lot the perspective in ur analysys as influences people to think she was in god-mode. I am w/ u this is v. suspicious indeed, but could be just bad play."

- This article was originally published February, 1. 2022 and last updated October 4, 2022

- Nagesh Rath,