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Aug/06/2018 has proclaimed they are now offering LIVE IN-PLAY GOLF odds for bookmakers and agents.

At some books, live betting makes up better than half the action.  It often helps reduce losses and boosts profits.

With offering the Live Golf Odds product for each weekly PGA Tournament, there is no extra costs involved.


It is totally included in their pay per head price. The PGA has Golf tournaments almost each and every week of the year, which means players that bet that will give their agent action for a full year instead of just guys that bet football for roughly 5 months out of the year.

The Live Golf will have betting options for odds to win and these will begin on the third day and run through the conclusion of the 4th day for each PGA tournament. This makes betting Golf much more entertaining because instead of just making a bet before the tournament starts and then just watching for 4 days to see how it plays out, now players can make bets after seeing the first 2 rounds of action and then bet while the tournament is in progress. The lines will constantly be updated as each golfer makes their way thru the course. This will truly make betting on Golf one of the most exciting and thrilling options to bet live compared to other sports like NFL and NBA that only play a game for around 3 hours. Instead, there will be Live Golf betting for two full days on Saturdays and Sundays of each week.


- Aaron Goldstein,

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