Learn How to Improve Your AWP Skills

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Betway.com notes that Draken has made some absolutely insane AWP plays in his time with NiP, and now he is here to teach you how to do the same.  SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE

What exactly is an AWP, some of you might be asking yourselves?

DoteSports explains:

The AWP is a rifle that will kill on its first hit because of its 97.50 percent armor penetration, assuming you’re able to hit your targets. If you hit someone above the hip, congratulations–you got the kill. If you unfortunately hit someone in the leg, you only dealt 85 percent damage to them, and you’ll have to finish them off with your pistol in one or two shots (more on the pistols later on). When you “leg” someone, it’s ideal to maintain composure and not rage over your living prey.

If you follow the wise man's instructions, you will be able to AWP like Draken in no time!

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