Suit Filed Against Craig Wright "Father of Bitcoin": Not Author of White Paper?

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Aaron Goldstein
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A lawsuit filed against Dr. Craig Wright by the Crypto Open Patent Alliance (COPA) promises to shake the cryptocurrency space to its core, proving once and for all that Wright is not the true Satoshi Nakamoto, founder of Bitcoin.  Or could such a suit do the complete opposite?

Jon Southurst, a Tokyo-based reporter for the Bitcoin and blockchain industry since 2013, suggests this is the perfect opportunity for Dr. Wright to prove once and for all he really was behind the creation of Bitcoin.


COPA (sometimes also called the “Cryptocurrency Open Patent Alliance”) is a non-profit IP-pooling group formed by Jack Dorsey’s Square in September 2020. Its stated aim is to prevent “patent lockup” by companies claiming ownership of key blockchain-related concepts, that “stifle innovatio" with members required to maintain allegiance for no less than three years. Coinbase joined Square as a COPA founding board member in December 2020.

Southurst argues that COPA members like Square, Coinbase and Blockstream have a clear financial interest in promoting the narrative that BTC (and not BSV) represents the “real Bitcoin.”

Southurst continues:

What BTC supporters are not noticing (or are deliberately ignoring) is that Dr. Wright’s claim to have authored the Bitcoin white paper is a real one, and that he feels he has enough evidence to defend this claim in court. In fact, it’s highly likely that defending it in court is something he wants to do.

Billionaire entrepreneur and proponent of Bitcoin SV, Calvin Ayre, was thrilled by the news of the lawsuit.

The Internet mogul, who once graced the cover of Forbes 2008 Billionaire issue, tweeted:

Gambling911.com has presented a series of video reports on the White Paper in recent days (some found below).

Wright should have no problem paying for the top legal minds to represent him in a court of law against some of crypto's biggest kingpins.

He reportedly holds somewhere in the neighborhood of 1.1 million bitcoin.  While we are not exactly math wizards here at Gambling911, that appears to be somewhere in the range of US$52 billion, maybe more with the constant rising price of BTC.

The Australian-born computer scientist is also the chief scientist at nChain, a blockchain startup which promotes the use of bitcoin SV (BSV), a hard fork of the bitcoin cash (BCH).

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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