Italian Mobster Caught on Wiretap Saying He Wanted Reporter Killed With Mallet

Written by:
Jagajeet Chiba
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The New York Post recently ran a story of a reputed Italian mobster expressing his desire to have a La Repubblica journalist dead, and he wanted it done in the most gruesome fashion imaginable, outside of being fed to pigs.

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“I would have given him two hits with a mallet … what a blast,” Benedetto Gabriele Militello allegedly fumed.

His words were caught via wiretap.

Militello was secretly recorded by cops in Palermo, Sicily, last year discussing how he would have handled La Repubblica journalist Salvo Palazzolo, the newspaper said.

“How much can he do to me? What can they do? … Two hits of a mallet,” Militello allegedly said.

Of course we are reminded of the assassination of a reporter in Malta.

That story was featured in a segment of the most recent season of 60 Minutes.

Daphne Caruana Galizia revelations cut a little too close to the heart of the Italian Mafia power structure.  Her car was blown up as she was driving.

In the aftermath, this led to sweeping reforms in Malta, where the Italian Mafia did apparently infiltrate to some extent.

German/Turkish online bookmaker Betixx Limited, as well as Silema–based industry games developer Morpheus Games (MT) had their licenses revoked earlier this year. The MGA also instructed bookmaker Betixx (licensed since 2013), to cease all operations related to registering new players and accepting deposits.

The MGA moved to fully terminate the operator licence of World-of-bets EU Limited, a registered MGA licensee incumbent for more than ten years now. 

Not all of this was related to Italian Mafia activity, but the moves were most certainly a result of Malta looking to clean up its image following Galizia's assassination. 

“The interest of Cosa Nostra in online gambling started in about 2013-2014,” Sergio Macaluso, a Cosa Nostra affiliate turned police informant after his November 2017 arrest, told investigators. “They infiltrated the sector by making deals with the owners of betting websites, many of whom are set up in Malta because it guarantees a more favorable tax regime.”

Militello is a reputed member of Sicily’s Inzerillo crime family.  He was among 18 suspects rounded up in Palermo two weeks ago during a massive crackdown by Italian state police and the FBI. Members of the Gambino Crime family were also arrested as part of the takedown.

The Inzerillo family returned to Palermo a few years ago while the Gambinos split their family between there and New York.

Police say the families have restructured their activities to in order to control sports gambling and food supplies.

- Jagajeet Chiba,

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