Sicilian Mafia Boss Dissolved in Acid: Three Men Arrested

Written by:
Jagajeet Chiba
Published on:
Sicilian Mafia Boss Dissolved in Acid: Three Men Arrested

Three men this week were arrested for the 2002 murder of Sicilian Mob boss Andrea Cottone. 

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Ignazio Fontana, Onofrio Morreale and Michele Rubino were taken into custody in Palermo.

Cottone went missing on his way to lunch at a local restaurant. 

Police theorize that Morreale lured Cottone to the restaurant then strangled the local Mafia boss.  His body was later believed to be dissolved in acid.

Cottone’s belongings were cast into the sea, leaving no trace of the murder, according to reports.

That same year, another mobster had disappeared and authorities revealed last year that he had been eaten alive by pigs.

Law enforcement operatives claim that the Sicilian Mafia is immersed in drug running, illegal gambling, political corruption, extortion, kidnapping, fraud, counterfeiting, infiltration of legitimate businesses, murders, bombings, and weapons trafficking.

- Jagajeet Chiba,

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