Is IDSCA a Good Pay Per Head?

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steve cooper
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IDSCA is one of the oldest and most established Pay Per Head companies in the industry. If you are looking for a trusted Pay Per Head, IDSCA certainly fits the bill.

PremierPerHead offers its service at just $5 per player per week

We know this to be the case as Gambling911.com regularly talks to the top operators in the space and many of them speak highly of the IDSCA pay per head.

The company is among the best marketed of the Pay Per Heads not currently endorsed by Gambling911.com, a good thing as the name is difficult to remember.  You can frequently see them appearing high in search.  Whomever does their SEO should certainly get a raise. 

IDSCA offers everything you would come to expect in a Pay Per Head service, including a racebook, online casino, mobile betting and in-play wagering.

IDSCA has opted not to enter the price wars that have been well publicized here at Gambling911.com.  We got reamed two years ago by our own sponsors for promoting a free pay per head.  That was pretty much where everyone in the industry seemed to draw the line.  Today, it's not unusual to see Pay Per Heads offering as low as $5 per customer per week, with the average being around $10 and premium service closer to $15.

IDSCA offers their service at $30 per head per week.

Pros of Using IDSCA

  • Established and successful.  No fear of dealing with a fly-by-night
  • Excellent reputation in the industry
  • Offers most of the amenities one has come to expect from a top pay per head

Cons of Using IDSCA

  • One of the more pricey options in the pay per head sector

Is IDSCA a good pay per head? As one of the leadering authorities of this industry, Gambling911.com can offer an emphatic YES. Just be prepared to pay a premium price. 

- Steve Cooper, Gambling911.com

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