Inside the Mind of a Sharp: Pro Sports Bettors Finding Success in Legal US Market

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C Costigan
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Oct/16/2019 recently visited one of the most successful sports bettors in the United States.

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Gadoon Kyrollos, better known as Spanky, is a professional sports bettor from New Jersey. He’s been in the industry for over 20 years, with plenty of ups and downs, Brandon Dubreuil of writes.  Those downs include an arrest in 2012.  That same year he was named as the high-rolling bettor at the center of the Cantor Gaming scandal. 

Spanky has become known over the past year for exposing sportsbook operations in his home state that are quick to shut off winning players.  He's posted videos on his popular Twitter account. gives us a rare glimpse inside the office of a professional sports bettor.

For Spanky’s operation, everything is automatic. Custom software would log into accounts and grade winners and losers from the night before. From there, more automated processes take over, highlighting significant overnight line moves, notable injuries, and key information that fuels Spank’s sports trading. Not betting. Trading.

“Trading all day. We don’t watch any games,” he exclaims.

That stunned me. Imagine having tens of thousands of dollars on a game and not watching it. Better yet, imagine being a professional sports bettor and not watching sports. But Spanky has his model and the “eye test” simply doesn’t apply. Instead, it’s more about injuries, numbers and, of course, line movement.

“We’re in touch with several different sharp groups all over the world and we get their information as well to see what their opinions are,” he explains. “There are so many different things - but a lot of it has to do with information on just looking at lines and market movement.”

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- Chris Costigan, Publisher

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