5 Ways to Improve How You Run Your Online Sportsbook in 2021

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C Costigan
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If you run your own online sportsbook, Gambling911.com presents five ways to improve how you do so and increase profitability, courtesy of our friends at PricePerPlayer.com. 


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Automating Your online Sportsbook

Automation is one of the best ways to improve your online sportsbook as this substantially reduces overhead and allows a bookie to focus on other aspects of his or her business. However, not all sportsbook software have automatic features for players. That is unless you use PricePerPlayer.com which automates a lot of their features for both the players and the agents.  PricePerPlayer offers a two week trial and prices as low as $5 per player per week.

Encourage your Players to Provide Reviews

There is only so much that traditional marketing can do for you sportsbook. Online reviews make a huge difference.  How much? 92% of consumers say they hesitate to use a product that does not have reviews.

Reward Loyalty

According to Online Marketing Services, finding new players cost three times the price of selling to current ones. Therefore, it only makes sense to nurture and reward your current players for using your gambling services. The best way to do that is giving your players by giving them rebates and deposit bonuses. A good Sportsbook Pay Per Head like PricePerPlayer.com will let you do just that.  This is because we have Features that allow you to give and keep track of bonuses.

Pay Attention to your Players

Even though you may have a lot of experience running a book, this doesn't mean you are always right.  Listen to what your customers have to say and take their feedback seriously.  This is almost certain to ensure player retention (loyalty). 

Build Strategic Partnerships

A sportsbook is as large as it projects itself. Thus, creating strategic relationship and outsourcing to industry partners can maximize your efficiency. For example, partnering with a sports handicapper can be a win-win situation where you can both enjoy growth. This can be done by giving exclusive promos to their clients and vice versa.  Sports handicappers are a dime a dozen.  As such it is important to research said handicappers and only work with those who maintain stellar reputations across the Net.

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