How Bookies Can Get Ready for High Season

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When using a Pay Per Head (PPH) site to take wagers you want to be prepared for every season. However, it is even more important to be ready for the high season of the football season considering the sport is the most popular betting one in the United States. You have to get ready for the college and pro football season by knowing all of the aspects of the clients you have, in terms of their account and the PPH site rules. It is advantageous to do this to offer the most wagers to your clients to maximize your profits since you will make a percentage of all bets taken, win or lose, in the football season.

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Know the Site, Know the Software

Two important aspects of getting ready for the football season is fully knowing all the information about the PPH site you use as well as its software. There are different rules for different PPH sites, and you have to know them, in detail, with the one that you use. You have to be aware of the game limits and betting conditions, to name two important things, when it comes to knowing the PPH site rules. It is also key to know the PPH site software and it is always a good idea to contact the site’s customer service department and see if you can get a demo of the PPH system before you take real money wagers. The more you know about the PPH software used the more beneficial it can be to your players and the more money you can make, and that is the name of the game.

Have the Limits Down

For your players you have to know and then set the maximum limits for the players making wagers through you. You have to know the maximum limits for bets types such as futures, totals, parlays, moneylines, and sides to name just a few. Find the maximum limits for games as well as your players and after that you can then set them how you want them. Knowing player and game limits is key in not having any issues with your players throughout the season and if you do see an issue nip it in the bud by contacting the PPH customer service department.

Get to Know Your Players

You have to know your players and their wagering tendencies, and it will help you to offer them the most bets possible for how they wager. Read up on the statistics of your players in terms of how they are betting on the PPH site you use. Most sites have a player statistic tool and you should take advantage of it. The more you know about how your players bet the more you know what to offer them in order to get them to wager as much as possible to get more money in your pocket.

Go Above and Beyond

It is pretty simple when using a PPH site, as the more players bet the more money you will make. Because of this you need to go above and beyond your service for betters that bet more often through you. Small details can be big ones in letting your players know that you are giving them the most wagers possible. Do they like totals bets, parlays, moneylines? Giving loyal players a little extra service will make it more likely that they will stick with you, as you need to make loyal players feel appreciated for using you to make wagers.

The more you are ready for the college and football season the more you can be successful in it when taking wagers with the PPH site you use. When great pay per head site we suggest is at

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