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Gilbert Horowitz
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Only the best Pay Per Head companies are featured on the website.  These are the companies with the deepest pockets being that we charge a steep price to be represented. is one of the only media sites covering this niche space and affiliates won't touch it since there is no revenue sharing model.

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Still there are a few good Pay Per Head companies that like the status quo whereby they hope the head counts expand for current bookmakers and agents.  Basically, a Pay Per Head charges a set fee (typically between $7 and $10 per customer).  If a Pay Per Head that charges $10 a week has 1000 agents using their service, each with five players under them, the PPH can expect to collect $50,000 per week, or $2.6 million in a given year. 

The Pay Per Head must provide excellent customer service, a top-of-the-line easy-to-navigate software platform, easy reporting, live in-play wagering, well managed oddsmaking, a horse racing and online casino platform, and a host of other tools to ensure that an agent or bookmaker's players stay happy.  The goal is to have these players tell friends, family members and co-workers about their agent/bookmaker.

Certainly, the Pay Per Head wants to keep the agent happy.  This should happen by default providing players stay with the agent. A much better scenario would be for a current agent to bring on more players.

Let's pretend for a moment that each agent increases his or her player count from 5 to 10.  That's 1000 agents each with 10 players under them at $10 per head or $100,000 a week or $5.2 million per year in collections for the Pay Per Head.

These numbers are far from exaggerated. A typical Pay Per Head business will have agents under them with just three to five players and another agent with 50 to 100.  It all balances out.

Now the best possible scenario is to increase the number of agents that utilize the Pay Per Head with the understanding that each agent will have at least two players under them, probably much more.  This can be accomplished through aggressive marketing via SEO, Google Adwords and word of mouth, the later of which is more difficult being that a agent/bookie is less likely to share his or her PPH experience with fellow bookmakers.

Pay Per Head stalwarts like RealBookies are not content with their over 1000 satisfied bookies.  This company is among the most aggressive when it comes to marketing its services. 

Even with their expansive presence on the Net, RealBookies understands there are some areas where they might not be able to compete.

Outside of the industry power houses (AcePerHead, PricePerPlayer, and of course RealBookies) most of whom are friends with RealBookies, there are other top Pay Per Heads that provide something unique.   We'll be bias for a moment and consider the aforementioned G911 PPHs among the top five best, and they probably are.

So let's look at the others you might be considering.

In the case of IDSCA, they are the industry dinosaur.  While pricey, IDSCA is entrenched enough to have many top agents under their belt with players that spread the word.  It's not likely agents are going to leave IDSCA unless it's to find a less expensive provider like RealBookies.

7PPH is another Pay Per Head RealBookies compliments.  But, unlike RealBookies, 7PPH does not offer the PPH test drive.

From RealBookies:

"(RealBookies) allows agents to get comfortably immersed into its bookmaking software service long before that first dollar for services rendered is exchanged.  And in the ever-changing world of pay per head bookmaking, building that sense of comfort is worth a whole lot."

ABC Islands should be considered among the top 5 Pay Per Heads.  They offer the ability to control lines and line management that leads to an improved hold percentage, all at competitive weekly rates.  ABC Islands is also one of the oldest brands in the world of offshore sports betting. 

And finally, 24-7 PPH is another respected Pay Per Head that can be found buried in search under certain queries.  The price points lose value when compared to the likes of a RealBookie once getting beyond the basics.  They offer a very generous $5 basic package, but the add-ons turn into $20.  RealBookies upgraded product typically will not climb above the $15 price point, and there is a discount with 30 or more players.

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