3 Benefits Of Switching To Cryptocurrency for The Football Betting Season

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The football betting season is here. Online bookies that haven’t already done so should switch to cryptocurrency for the football betting season.

Check out 3 reasons why!

3 Benefits of Cryptocurrency During The Football Betting Season

Unless bookie agents join PayPerHead.com, they can’t take advantage of the 3 benefits. All 3 benefits are based on PayPerHead’s new agent payment processing system.

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1. Make quicker payouts

Quicker payouts is a benefit to both players and pay per head agents. It’s an obvious player benefit if they receive their money quicker. It’s an obvious benefit to per head agents if they can make quicker payouts.

Quicker payouts leads to more action.

PayPerHead’s new agent payment system allows bookies to make cryptocurrency payouts.

Cryptocurrency payouts through the system happen much quicker than fiat currency payouts since  agents do not have to meet players in person, make wire payouts to fiat checking accounts, or send actual, hard copy, checks.

2. Make quicker collections

The new agent payment system also allows pay per head agents to collect in cryptocurrency. By collecting in cryptocurrency, agents receive collections much faster.

That’s a huge per head agent benefit.

Players also get a benefit. Every time a player sends a collection to a bookie, the bookie updates the player’s account.

By sending collections to online bookies in cryptocurrency, a player can ensure they can make the wagers they wish to make. Faster collections means faster account updates.

3. Quicker player deposits

Via the new PayPerHead agent payment system, players can now deposit into their accounts in cryptocurrencies. Quicker deposits provide benefits to both players and pay per head agents:

  • The quicker players can deposit into their accounts, the quicker they can wager.
  • The quicker players wager, the quicker they send action to your online sportsbook.
  • Quick deposits also often means more deposits.
  • More deposits means more action, which means more profit.

Again, it’s important that online bookies sign-up with PayPerHead.com so that they can use the new agent payment system.

By allowing deposits, payouts, and collections in cryptocurrencies, PayPerHead provides benefits to both players and bookie agents.

Plus, if online bookies make their initial deposit in cryptocurrency they get a 5% cash back credited to their account. Start making more cash simply, easily, and efficiently with PayPerHead.com.

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