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Aaron Goldstein
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Price Per Head companies offer prospective clients a chance to try their Pay Per Head software through a demo period (also known as a free trial). Not all demos are made the same, however.

What Offers

*Starting at $7 per head, 24/7 support
*Pay only for active players
*Live in-play betting on mobile or laptop
*No deposit required - Instant setup
*Live dealer casino or virtual casino
*18 plus years in business serving sports betting public
*70 plus horse tracks

The demo allows one to experience the quality of the service and its software. In addition, using a demo also allows bookies and agents to compare different Pay Per Head services.

The best part is that the RealBookies Demo is the actual product.  Thus, you get to experience all of their services and even after the trial and choose to continue using the products and features, they shall remain the same.

"We know you'll love it.  Once you get started you'll feel like you're still using the software and service for free as you will be charged a small amount per active player.   A typical independent bookmaker pays several times this amount per customer in overhead.  RealBookies provides all of this (customer service, software, line management, reports, even LIVE IN-PLAY betting, and much more....)"


    Easy to use player management system
    Set player limits and access
    Create and Edit your players
    Daily, Weekly and Monthly Player figures
    Intuitive and reliable reports
    And much more


    sports betting
    Live Betting
    horse racing
    digital casino
    live casino
    access to our telephone service

RealBookies, in business for nearly 20 years now, has been rated number 1 on the Techtimes 5 best pay per head sites for 2021 and Scoresandstats top pay per head bookie software provider list for 2022.

One of the better features of RealBookies is that the PPH only charges for active customers.  For example, if there are clients that play once every two weeks, you'll be charged for that customer only once during the "active" week. Your client may play as many times as they like for the on etime low charge.

Fun Tools to Check Out During Your Demo

In addition to tracking and reporting tools to gauge any exposure, there are tools available to charge your board rapidly in an effort to reflect the current game situation.  Remember, RealBookies features a live in-play platform for your clients.  This is a moneymaker for your book but the live betting platform could catch you flat footed.

Proper betting board management improves one's average hold percentage.  High handle with low hold is a sign your business is not being managed properly. The correct tools should identify any existing unbalance.

The pay per head platform offered by RealBookies does provide easy access to real time business analytics that are essential in today's wagering environment where sports gamblers are more educated and privy to more information via countless numbers of websites specializing in data and trends. 

Realbookies provides its customers with expert oddsmakers, some of the sharpest in the biz, as well as general consulting services.

If you happen to be moving your clients from another PPH service, RealBookies can assist and ensure the process runs smoothly.

- Aaron Goldstein,

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