Ayre Commits to Never Allowing Bitmain to Chain Split Bitcoin Again

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Coingeek.com founder Calvin Ayre said Monday he will never allow Bitmain's bitcoin hash war to split the BCH chain.

Ayre's statement, which could be found here, reads:

"We will fight any attempts by anyone else to cause a chain split. CoinGeek and friends believe in the Satoshi Vision for the evolution of Bitcoin and that means all disputes should be settled by Nakamoto consensus and Miner hash elections. Nakamoto consensus dictates that at all times the longest chain (with the most Proof of Work) shall prevail and this will be respected at all times by CoinGeek Media and Mining. CoinGeek is also not the one attempting to recklessly introduce contentious, untested and unnecessary protocol changes to Bitcoin."

He added:

"The core dispute in this election is not a technical one at all. It is a difference of opinion concerning the future of Bitcoin’s platform (and existence). CoinGeek and most of the Bitcoin Mining community and all of the Application Development community support the philosophy of Satoshi Vision. We want to fully restore and then lock down the battle-tested Bitcoin protocol and create a stable consistent and scalable platform for innovation to occur on top of. (Certainly, once the original Bitcoin protocol is restored, it could later evolve but any updates should be rare and only done when necessary, fully tested, and supported by clear consensus.) This is the internet model where all the great companies and services are built on top of a 30-year-old base. As a large enterprise, SBI understands why big businesses need to have a platform that is both stable and scalable with large block size before they will commit time, money and resources to build their applications and projects on top of that platform.

"This will allow a vibrant Enterprise-level mining industry to flourish and a Cambrian explosion of application development and innovation that will drive the global adoption of Bitcoin as money. This will create economic freedom for everyone in the world and will especially be welcomed by the developing world."

Whatever the warring factions in the crypto space may be up to and no matter the wild price fluctuations of bitcoin (currently at $6300 as of this writing), there is one constant that can't be denied.  The online gambling sector, especially that which caters to the North American market, relies heavily on bitcoin.  Up to 70% of all transactions are said to be via cryptocurrency at some sites.

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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