Biden’s Bill Failure Causes Shift in 2024 Betting Odds Inbox

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C Costigan
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In light of the Democrats failure to deliver President Joe Biden’s full “Build Back Better” bill, oddsmakers have flipped the 2024 Election odds.

At, since last year’s election the Democratic Party has been slightly favored to win again in 2024. However, the odds shifted this week as now the Republican Party is the favorite.

2024 Presidential Election Winning Party

Republicans  -120  (4-5 odds)

Democrats  +100  (1-1)

Field (any other party)  +2000  (20-1)

And for the mid-terms, the GOP has a large edge, according to the odds, at -500 (1-5 odds) while the Dems are +300 (3-1).

As reported last week, Donald Trump is now the favorite to be the Republic nominee and the 47th POTUS.
Below you can find presidential candidates with better than 50-1 odds, and you can see all the political betting odds on this page:

47th President of the United States


Donald Trump Sr.        5-2

Joe Biden                    7-2

Kamala Harris             11-2

Ron DeSantis               10-1

Pete Buttigieg             16-1

Nikki Haley                  18-1

Elizabeth Warren        20-1

Mike Pence                 22-1

Tucker Carlson                        25-1

Amy Klobuchar           33-1

Andrew Yang              40-1

Mike Pompeo             40-1

Gavin Newsom            50-1

Mark Cuban                50-1

Ted Cruz                      50-1

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