Artificial Intelligence to Put End to Poker Face

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The poker face could soon go the way of the dodo bird thanks to artificial intelligence (AI). SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE

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Sensors combine with artificial intelligence to read the micro-expressions our bodies give off in response to our surroundings.

During a recent TED Conference talk, Dolby Laboratories chief scientist Poppy Crum discussed the new innovation that could see right through someone's expressions.

The new technology stretches beyond the poker table, however.

It can detect lying, infatuated, and even the propensity for violence.

"It is the end of the poker face," Crum said. "We broadcast our emotions. We will know more about each other than we ever have."



Poker Players Duke It Out Over Crypto While Their Followers Take Time to Promote Their Favorites - An epic fight between poker pros Dan Bilzerian and Doug Polk has resulted in their own followers promoting various cryptocurrencies, demonstrated how folks are taking sides in this crowded space, most likely a result of the monies they have invested. 

So everybody is a crypto expert.

RaRe tweeted:

Get $CTR solid team, gonna take off sooooon

ZK tweeted in response:

Just invest In Cardano, its gonna overtake everything in 2019

And It's Elektra tweeted:

Dan. Take a close look at @ElectracoinECA !@Spotify is!

Bilzerian was none too thrilled that Polk called him out for what he seemed to deem a "lack of knowledge" regarding the cryptocurrency world and using his "daddy's money".

Bilzerian tweeted to Polk:

I’ll bet you a million dollars I can show wires for poker wins in excess of 40 million dollars in a one or two year period. I’ve probably won more in one night than you have in your whole life, so I guess to answer your question, poker.

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- Ace King, Gambling911.com