Bilzerian to Polk in Getting Back Into Crypto: 'I'm Doing It Wrong You Little S***?'

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It's a battle of the poker behemoths as Doug Polk and Dan Bilzerian have seemingly declared war on one another via Twitter.  The hostility is tied into each man's interest in cryptocurrency.

It started with Polk responding to Bilzerian's tweet that he was getting back into crypto (probably a result of the recent price increases):

If you ever have to get back into crypto you are doing it wrong. 

Polk fancies himself a crypto expert and, indeed, his YouTube channel on the subject continues to grow.

Bilzerian did not take kindly to Polk's tweet.

Selling my bitcoin at 16,500 was wrong huh? Plz tell me what else I’m doing wrong you dumb shit, make sure to use my name so people pay attention to you

Polk followed up with this:

Since you brought up the subject, make sure to continue to use Daddy's money so people pay attention to you as well.

The war of words is likely to continue but Bilzerian says he can prove his $40 million made in poker went onto claim he probably has won more in one night than Polk had made throughout his entire career.   OUCH!

- Nagesh Rath, Gambling911.com