Kidnapped 5Dimes Owner Vehicle Found Intentionally Crashed by Perps

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Jagajeet Chiba
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Diaro Extra has what it says is a photo of the vehicle driven by 5Dimes owner Sean "Tony" Creighton intentionally crashed into a gate.  Creighton was reported kidnapped on September 25.

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The paper claims that Creighton was intercepted by at least five individuals then hauled away.  He has not been heard from since late September. Diaro Extra says that a motorcycle, luxury SUV and taxi appeared at the scene of the kidnapping. 

Two men claiming to be former FBI agents working on behalf of Creighton's family reportedly located vehicle away from the crime scene.  Local authorities have not been able to verify either man's claims or if they are really even investigators, stating they are not cooperating at this time.  They have yet to confirm whether the vehicle belongs to 5Dimes owner, though this specific vehicle is rare in Costa Rica.

Creighton's current wife told authorities she paid $750K ransom via Bitcoin and have yet to hear back.  Experts familiar with the 5Dimes operation were quick to suggest this to be a fraction of what 5Dimes would have on hand.

5Dimes owner Sean Creighton vehicle found crashed by police

Diaro Extra also reports that confidential sources tell the paper that the mastermind behind the brazen attack is a Mixed Marial Arts fighter.

Costa Rican police have located cell phones used by Creighton along with a personal computer, which are closely being examined by forensics.

Walter Espinoza, general director of the Judicial Investigation Organization, confirmed the kidnapping to various local media outlets. 

"The investigation is in the gathering evidence phase and for that reason we cannot make public any vital information.  The priority is the protection of the victim's life," said Espinoza.

Creighton's former girlfriend worked as a field reporter for the website. She and Sean, along with another High School friend, arrived in Costa Rica in 1998.

"I have not spoken to Sean since 2001," the former girlfriend, who wished not to have her name splattered all over the Net during these sensitive times, revealed to G911.  "I went to sleep early last night and awoke to a few dozen text messages asking if I had heard."

She did express hopes that Sean is released unharmed.

Creighton took control of 5Dimes after winning a substantial sum of money at the book.  Then owner, Al Ross, was financially strapped having to pay legal fees for his son Denny, who was tried twice and ultimately convicted for the brutal murder of his girlfriend.  Ross was also indicted in 1998 for his role in running offshore sportsbooks.  An ankle bracelet prevented him from traveling down to Costa Rica where his minions ran most of Al's books into the ground.  Ross would go on to pay Creighton by relinquishing 5Dimes ownership to him.

"He was a savvy businessman," the ex-girlfriend said.

Espinoza says that no ransom requests have been made since Creighton's wife reported him missing.  He also suggests that some of the information provided to a local paper may not be entirely accurate.

He told AM Costa Rica that it seemed strange that no ransom had been asked for if this was a kidnapping.

Sources close to say that Creighton's wife and some of her immediate family members do have some control over 5Dimes, though the extent is not clear.

"This is not good for our country's reputation," one operator told Tuesday morning.  "Costa Rica is typically quite safe."

The business continues in operation.

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