World Wide Wagering Does Not Suspend Use of Alleged Rigged Online Casino Software (Correction)

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C Costigan
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 Rigged Online Casino Software

A Pittsburgh Tribune-Review report last week claimed BLR Technologies offered rigged online casino software to its operators.

Tests studied as part of the article demonstrated that the BLR online casino software could be rigged.

According to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review piece, “the software by BLR Technologies, based in Costa Rica, detects a player's bet and increases the chances of a losing roll”.

Eliot Jacobson, operator of Jacobson Gaming, and Michael Shackleford, owner of the WizardofOdds.com website, revealed the results. 

Long established World Wide Wagering, which was named in the article, informed Gambling911.com that it had not suspended its relationship with BLR after a report appeared on the G911 suggesting otherwise.

"As to the issue with BLR Technologies Software being rigged, WWW management has personally met with with the owner of BLR and discussed this matter at length. He has assured us that the random generator on their craps software is indeed "random".

"WWW is one of the oldest and most respected offshore Sports Books in the industry and strives to keep its customers satisfied. As for this one unhappy client, to the best of our knowledge,  he seemed to be satisfied with the resolution he received after his original complaint several months ago. So we're wondering why he's (the individual interviewed as part of the Tribune report)  continuing with this issue?"

Legends Sports and 5Dimes.com were the other two companies that offered the BLR online casino.  Both are highly regarded companies.  Gambling911.com visited the Legends Sports facilities just last month. 

An individual who claimed to have been duped by the online casino was refunded his money back by 5Dimes.com. 

Rachel Miller, General Manager of Legends, said less than 10 percent of Legends' 7,500 active gamblers use the casino.

She said Legends continues to use BLR, in part, because the software works so well with the site's main function of handling sports bets.  Miller insisted that from an operations standpoint, none of Legends players would have been adversely affected by the BLR setup.  She said the company has invested thousands of dollars in new random number generators to work with the BLR software.

Gambling911.com, while visiting the Legends office, was granted a rare look into Legends massive high end secured server room, which is used in conjunction with the BLR software platform. 

- Chris Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher

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