Double Down or Bust: How Gambling is an American Addiction

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Double Down or Bust: How Gambling is an American Addiction

With March Madness slowly coming to an end, gamblers and sports enthusiasts are just looking for something else to bet their money on! Some say that their gambling habits are just for fun, some call it added income, but for many who take part in this billion dollar industry, they may call it an “Addiction.”

Morningside Recovery, the leading addiction recovery center in Newport Beach, CA, has decided to take a deeper look into the minds of gamblers across the US. Not only have they dedicated an entire program at their center to helping treat people with this addiction, they also conducted a national survey to collect important and somewhat shocking data and statistics about America’s growing Gambling Problem.

According to the survey titled, “Double Down or Bust: How Gambling is an American Addiction”, a surprising 27% of those who participated admitted to taking drugs and alcohol while gambling. Among the other key findings:

·       85.9% gamble 0-3 times per year;  8% gamble 4-7 times per year;  3.5% 8-12 times per year; and only 2.7% gamble more than 12 times per year

·       47.5% do not associate drugs and alcohol with gambling; 28.7% sometimes associate the two; 7.5% often associate the two and 6.3% always associate the two

·       20.6% of people admitted that if online gambling was legal, it would increase their gambling tendencies, while 79.4% claimed it would not affect them

·       10.9% of participants always believe they will win money when they gamble; 64.3% sometimes believe they will win and 24.8% don’t believe they would win

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