Chili Poker Gets Chilly Reception from Affiliates

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Jagajeet Chiba
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Chili Poker

Following Gambling911.com's publishing of Chili Poker CEO's email about that online poker company's stance when it comes to "winning players" (see my article Chili Poker:  Chill-Iterate CEO), online poker affiliates and players alike are beginning to think twice about doing business with this Malta-based online poker venture.

"Concerning the fish vs shark ratio, "I think that all iPoker licensees (direct or indirect) are agree to have better rules for the network to help to have a looser (less tight) network, in order to have more fishes. This eco-system will bring good players, but not anymore based on rake-back offer, but on the quality of the network," Chili Poker CEO Alexandre Dreyfus stated in an email to Lucky Room last week.

The comments reflect on Chili Poker's recent stance to rid its room of "winners".

"Essentially, this (policy) opens the doors to online poker rooms giving the boot to anyone who wins over time, not just the high stakes players," expressed Ace King of Gambling911.com. 

Online poker affiliate sites that work hard to drive business to rooms such as Chili Poker have also been adversely affected by this policy.

When one types in "Chili Poker" to Google, "Chili Poker Review" ranks second in search just under the company's own website.  Upon clicking the link, online pokr affiliate site Poker Bonus Source immediately warns its readers to stay away.

"Attention: ChiliPoker.com is no longer one of the recommended poker rooms at PokerBonusSource.com and the bonus codes listed on this page will no longer work."

"Sites like Poker Bonus Source get these links top ranked into search and work tireless at sending the online poker room players," King says.

Much of the links appearing on the first page of Google belong to Chili itself.

But one website advertises Chili Poker in such a way that may lend credence to why "sharks should be shown the door".

A few searches down, one finds the Chili Poker Bonus Code page, which does not appear to belong to Chili Poker.  Here you are advised of the following in not-so-subtle terms:

"ChiliPoker is an online poker room visited by many weak players from Europe, and it is quite easy to play profitably against them with a solid discipline, as most online poker players do not have discipline. They just want to have fun.

"The keys for profitable online poker are a solid strategy foundation, mental fortitude in the face of bad beats and table selection. The last one is very important. Not all adversaries are made equal, and not table ar equal. Table select wisely."

Hey, this page does look like it was written by Chili Poker's CEO after all! 

As we say in India, "All things are either sacred or profane. The former to ecclesiasts bring gain; The latter to the devil appertain".


Jagajeet Chiba, Gambling911.com

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