Where Can I Bet The 2010 Super Bowl Online?

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Gambling911.com answers your questions concerning such subjects as "Where Can I bet the 2010 Super Bowl online?", "Is betting on the Super Bowl on the Internet illegal?" and "Is it safe to bet online?"

Where can I bet the 2010 Super Bowl online?

Your first stop should be Gambling911.com's Online Sportsbook section, which features the most established online sportsbooks out there.  Gambling911.com charges a hefty flat fee premium to be listed here (we do not accept affiliate deals. Money for players losses or revenue sharing).  Every online sportsbook listed on this page is in business for no less than 10 years.  Gambling911.com itself has been promoting the online gambling industry for 10 years now.  We are the most read website among operators and industry professionals.  Gambling911.com has regularly been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and Associated Press as well as several dozen other publications and media outlets (see more here).

Is it illegal for me to place a bet online?

ABSOLUTLY NOT unless you live in Washington State.  Recent legislation has made it even more clear that gamblers themselves cannot be prosecuted for placing bets over the Internet.  Online gambling sites cannot accept bets in the US and therefore must be located in jurisdictions such as Great Britain, Canada and "The Switzerland of Central America" - Costa Rica in order to accept your bet online. 

A state law in Washington State makes it a Class C felony to place bets over the Internet.  Gambling911.com strongly advises residents of this state not to place bets on the Super Bowl on the Web.  This is the exception to the rule whereby individual states are now looking to open the doors for operators as a means of boosting local economies.  Online gambling is a multi-billion dollar industry. 

Those living in countries outside the US should check their local laws.

Is it safe to bet online?

It is if you use Gambling911.com endorsed online sportsbooks found on this page.  Some of these companies are true Internet pioneers that were around even before the Web really started to take off.  Bookmaker.com, for example, was operating as a phone betting service since 1986 before coming online.  Internet sportsbooks began taking wagers in 1996.  Many of these companies now employ hundreds of employees in multiple locations. 

The true players in the online gambling sector advertise at Gambling911.com because they can afford to do so and chances are you stumbled upon this page due to the fact that Gambling911.com is a known brand featured just about everywhere this Super Bowl season. 

How can I place a bet online?

It's not just WHERE you can bet on the 2010 Super Bowl online but HOW.  You can do so using your credit card (Visa and Mastercard only).  Some online sportsbooks offer the option of depositing and withdrawing using an eCheck (instant check) method.  Cash transfers are also available.  Even gift cards are sometimes allowed depending on the book.  It should be noted that payouts for credit card users are by check (usually Fed Ex and often within just a few business days of placing a request).  Online gambling sites are prohibited from issuing payments to credit cards at this time.  eChecks represent a very convenient way to receive payments.  An interesting factoid is that some of the online sportsbooks listed on the Gambling911.com Sportsbook page have been known to pay some players six figures.

Well, I only want to bet on this year's Super Bowl and no more than $20, Can I still open an online betting account?

Yes.  $10 to $20 is the minimum amount needed at most online sportsbooks to open an online betting account.  The average bet for a Gambling911.com reader is $10.  For anyone looking to place $1000 and up bets, most of the Gambling911.com endorsed online sportsbooks can accommodate you.

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