Dancing With the Stars Most Likely to…Hook Up, Get DUI Arrest

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Jordan Bach
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Oddsmakers at BetUS.com have posted odds on the Dancing With the Stars couple most likely to hook up backstage.

The favorite is none other than Lance Bass - who is openly gay - and Kim Kardashian, paying 5 to 1 odds.

As if that weren't enough, Dancing With the Odds betting odds being offered at BetUS.com include which of the contestants is most likely to be arrested for a DUI after the start of the show.

Susan Lucci is the 5/1 favorite.

They also offer injury odds for both Lucci and Leachman.

Most Likely to hook up backstage

Lance Bass - Kim Kardashian 5/1

Lance Bass - Misty May Treanor 8/1

Lance Bass - Toni Braxton 15/1

Lance Bass - Brooke Burke 15/1

Toni Braxton - Rocco Dispirito 10/1

Toni Braxton - Jeffrey Ross 10/1

Brooke Burke - Maurice Green 18/1

Brooke Burke - Warren Sapp 25/1

Misty May Treanor - Maurice Green 30/1

Lance Bass - Cody Linley 55/1

Kim Kardashian - Misty May Treanor 50/1

Most Likely to be arrested for DUI after start of show

Lance Bass 30/1

Toni Braxton 20/1

Brooke Burke 25/1

Rocco Dispirito 8/1

Kim Kardashian 20/1

Cloris Leachman 30/1

Cody Linley 75/1

Susan Lucci 5/1

Misty May Treanor 50/1

Ted McGinley 10/1

Warren Sapp 12/1

Maurice Green 35/1

Jeffrey Ross 9/1

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