Academy Awards Live Broadcast in Australia First Time Ever

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You won't have to rise too early in Australia, but you might want to skip work for a few hours.  That's because it's the first time ever the Academy Awards are being broadcast live in the country.  Late morning through early afternoon is the time frame for this huge awards show that features some of Australia's best talent.

Channel Nine, which also broadcasts the phenomenally popular Underbelly series, will air the Oscars Monday morning in Australia the same time they are being shown at 5 pm Los Angeles time (Sunday).

The Media Man, Greg Tingle, tells that everyone in Ledger's native Australia will be tuned in to watch the Oscars later this month.

"Australia is very excited about the Heath Ledger being nominated," Tingle Said.  "I never heard anyone ever say a bad word about him.  Heath used to live just down the road from us at Bronte Beach, however, one or two rabid paparazzi saw Health generally keen a lower public profile in the proceeding 12 months prior to his untimely death.  Like many actors, artists and talented arty types, his fame grew after he left us, and Australia still loves him despite Ledger's sometimes problem with drugs, which ultimately cost him his life."

And while Australia will be rooting for Ledger, they'll also be watching another native son, Hugh Jackman, host the show.

"It would be a travesty not to broadcast the show live," says Tingle.

According to the Courier Mail, there used to be a massive blow-out in the Hilton Hotel ballroom, hosted by the various film distributors, back when they maintained a decent presence in Queensland.

"Then it dwindled to the point where Nine would take the live feed off a satellite and everyone would gather in a studio or in one of those more intimate cinemas and then head back to work sometime during the afternoon. Only they knew who the winners were." began offering odds on the Academy Awards again on Sunday for Australian punters. 

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