Ontario Makes Arrest in Gangland Murders Tied to Mafia Power Struggle

Written by:
C Costigan
Published on:

Police are plotting grim landmarks of a sprawling underworld power struggle between Canadian Mafia clans — murders, bombings and arsons that stretch from suburban Ontario streets to a drainage ditch in Mexico.

This is the story on Friday's Star Phoenix page.

Jabril Hassan Abdalla, 27, was arrested Wednesday at 3 p.m. in his Hamilton home for last year’s murders of Hamilton mobster Angelo Musitano, 39, whose family has had a significant Mafia presence for generations, and of Mila Barberi, 28, who was shot inadvertently in a parking lot in Vaughan, north of Toronto.

It's a convoluted story to be sure.

Both triggermen are believed to have fled to Mexico.

The murders represent a renewed wave of instability in the criminal underworld.

“This case is about traditional organized crime — the Mafia, the mob, whatever handle you want to call it,” Thom said. “Organized crime continues to thrive in our communities; they are successful, well structured with a hierarchy which insulates those higher up the organizational ladder.

“Some of their businesses are legitimate, but others aren’t. That’s why their organizational heads drive around in armour-clad vehicles with bodyguards, unlike CEOs of other multinational companies.”


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