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It's all roses and rainbows according to the Bulls and Pelicans front offices regarding relationships with their two star players.


Of course, you can't believe any reports these days (even from the most credible sources), so we'll continue to speculate where Zion Williamson and Zach LaVine will get traded this offseason.

Our book has adjusted and re-opened "next team" odds for Williamson and LaVine, which you can find below.

Additionally, the odds for the reporter to break the Damian Lillard trade news have shifted and tightened. Adrian Wojnarowski has jumped over Shams Charania as the favorite, but the big movement is Chris Haynes going from a +575 longshot to +200.

Zion Williamson Next Team                                         

Portland Trail Blazers                2-1                  

Houston Rockets                       5-2                   (+250)

Charlotte Hornets                     7-2                   (+350)

New York Knicks                        4-1                  

Utah Jazz                                  7-1                  

Minnesota Timberwolves          8-1                  

Oklahoma City Thunder             10-1                

Golden State Warriors               12-1                

Orlando Magic                          14-1                


Zach LaVine Next Team           

Miami Heat                               3-1

Brooklyn Nets                           4-1

New York Knicks                        5-1

Atlanta Hawks                           6-1

Philadelphia 76ers                     7-1

Dallas Mavericks                       8-1

Boston Celtics                           9-1

Golden State Warriors               10-1

Portland Trail Blazers                11-1

LA Lakers                                  12-1

Oklahoma City Thunder             12-1

Toronto Raptors                        14-1

Denver Nuggets                        16-1

Washington Wizards                 18-1    


Damian Lillard Next Team (if not Heat)                                    

Brooklyn Nets                           3-2                   (+150)

Boston Celtics                           2-1                  

Philadelphia 76ers                     5-1                  

New York Knicks                        6-1                  

Toronto Raptors                        8-1                  

Atlanta Hawks                           12-1                

Milwaukee Bucks                      14-1                

Chicago Bulls                            16-1                

Memphis Grizzlies                     20-1                

San Antonio Spurs                     20-1                

Minnesota Timberwolves          25-1                


First to report Lillard trade                                           

Woj                                          +160                

Shams                                      +170                

Chris Haynes                             +200                

Any Other Reporter                   +750                


When will Lillard be traded?                                        

On or Before July 31st, 2023      -200                

After July 31st, 2023                  +150            

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