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If you are an agent that books action on sports in the year 2018 then you should definitely be using a PHP software provider instead of doing it the old fashioned way with paper and pen.


If you are already using a PPH software provider then you should make sure that you are using the best PPH software on the market because better software and services will lead to higher profit margins in this business.

One of the best PPH software providers out there is AcePerHead.com. They not only have a fully functional website but their software is designed to be specifically formatted to mobile phones. The usage and placing of bets over the smartphone have increased dramatically over the last few years and as a result around 80-90% of the players are now using their smartphones in order to make wagers compared to the other methods of desktop computers, laptops, or calling in wagers. This means that it is extremely important to be using a PPH service that has a slick and easy to use mobile betting interface. The better the mobile betting interface then the happy the player will be which is something you always want as an agent.

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Also, Ace Per Head has incorporated a VIP live betting feature that uses a third party software provider that is only an additional cost of $5 per active player a week and only if they use it that week. This software is well worth the extra $5 per user because it has live betting options for NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAAF, NCAAB, Soccer, Tennis, and European Basketball and Hockey. Not only are all of these sports available to bet on live in play, but for every game, there are between 50 to 70 live betting options per game. Some of these added options are live alternative lines, and totals, live correct scores, live halves and more. In addition, this VIP live feature is also formatted to the mobile phone to make the most optimal betting experience for each and every player. Also, this VIP live feature has a higher hold percentage compared to the regular live betting option because of all the additional live betting options, which means agents make even more money from it.

The other great thing about Aceís software is that there is no downtime on it and especially during busy NFL Sundays. Ace takes performance and technology very seriously since it is the bread and butter of any PPH service. So, as a result, they spend a huge amount of money on servers and software upgrades each year in order to always stay ahead of the rest of the pay per head market and thus ensure that the website never goes down or has latency issues. In addition, the software upgrades are also implemented to continually enhance the betting experience for players which will ultimately help agents to grow their business and increase their profit margins by keeping players on the website longer and guiding them to continually increase their betting volumes. The bottom line is that better a pay per head bookie software provider creates more money for the agents.

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