Where Can I Bet on RFK Jr. to Be President?

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Gilbert Horowitz
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BetOnline has Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. to be elected the next US President paying out $2500 on a $100 bet.


On Saturday it was revealed that RFK Jr. just got his name on the ballot in two critical swing states, Arizona and Georgia.

The American Values 2024 super PAC has collected 20,188 signatures in Georgia, surpassing the required 7,500, and 62,605 in Arizona, exceeding the 42,303 threshold.

Why does it matter?

Biden won Arizona by just over 10,000 votes and Georgia by nearly 12,000 votes.

Kennedy is running as an Independent and former Democrat but many of his views coincide with those embraced by supporters of the GOP front runner and former President Donald Trump.

And the Trump campaign took notice of this back in October.

“Voters should not be deceived by anyone who pretends to have conservative values,” said Trump spokesperson Steven Cheung in a statement. He labeled Kennedy’s campaign “nothing more than a vanity project for a liberal Kennedy looking to cash in on his family’s name.”

RFK Jr's favorability rating sat just above 40% according to FiveThirtyEight.com.  That's right around where Biden and Trump currently sit while his unfavorability rating is under that of both Trump and Biden.

Kennedy Jr. is likely to be embraced by young voters, a critical voting block for the current President.

Trump has a 3.9% lead based on 83 polls when RFK Jr. is thrown into the mix as he takes away nearly 12 percent of the vote, according to The Hill.

Early numbers had RFK Jr getting closer to 20 percent of the vote.

- Gilbert Horowitz, Gambling911.com

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