What is the Minimum Bet I Can Place on the Super Bowl?

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Gilbert Horowitz
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The minimum bet you can place on this year's Super Bowl might shock you.


It's now just 1/1000th of a cent courtesy of a new blockchain fueled sports betting site available to those around the world, including the US.

Lil Bit launched late this past year and bills itself among the first microbetting sites, following a model similar to that of the Jake Paul co-founded BetR.

Users across the globe can being using the site to log and place bets via these three easy-to-download BSV-supported wallets:  HandCash, Relysia, or Twetch.

If you know anything about transferring and receiving funds via bitcoin, you will love the BSV blockchain with its nominal fee structure and no hours of waiting while the price of bitcoin is subject to crashing during fluid trading times.

And there is another reason Lil Bit chose the BSV blockchain over everything else that is out there.

"We like Proof of Work, Big Blocks, Bitcoin, and betting on the underdogs," they tell us.  "Why we chose BSV will become clearer when we launch phase 2. That being said, we do feel we are still in time as understanding of what’ crypto’ actually is in the public eye is quite low."

As far as knowing that the site is fair:

"All our Casino games not only leverage the Bitcoin SV blockchain for its capacity as a payment system, but also its timestamping and Random Number Generation to determine the outcome of your casino wager."

Lil Bit will be offering a wide array of prop bets for this year's Super Bowl.

BSV is among the cryptocurrencies offered at one of the world's top five betting sites, Bovada.

The soon-to-be-launched betting exchange, Gambyl, also expressed interest in the BSV blockchain during a recent interview with Gambling911.com.

- Gilbert Horowitz, Gambling911.com

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