Why Use Weekend Promoted Parlays In Your Sportsbook Anyways?

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Pay per head agents have many ways to promote action in their online sportsbooks. One of the best ways to promote action is to offer promoted parlays.

Using weekend promoted parlays in your sportsbook can lead to big profit.

Keep reading to find out why.

Why Promoted Parlays Turn into Big Profit

Promoted parlays are parlay wagers that you offer your players. To get players to wager on your promoted parlays, you offer an incentive.

Often, the incentive is a credit to their accounts, or a higher parlay payout than if they decided to bet their own parlay.

Parlays can turn into big profit for the following 3 reasons.

Reason #1: You’re in control of the promoted parlays

Remember, you only offer the incentive if players bet on your promoted parlay. You control what games are a part of every promoted parlay.

You can decide to pick 3 games that are close to impossible to handicap while throwing in a freebie game, or you can decide to make all 4 games in a 4-team promoted parlay impossible to handicap.

Reason #2: Most casual bettors want direction

Because pro players don’t often bet parlays, your audience with promoted parlays are casual bettors. Casual bettors aren’t as skilled at handicapping games as pro players. They want direction.

You give them direction by offering promoted parlays. If you keep a minimum on the parlay that casual bettors can wager, something like $25 or less, you’re bound to make profit.

Most casual players will wager on the promoted parlay before creating their own parlay.

Reason #3:  Wagers Might Bounce off promoted parlays

Casual bettors might not even consider betting on a game unless they see a reason to.

If a casual bettor decides to take advantage of a per head agents promoted parlay, the casual bettor will look at each individual game that’s a part of the promoted parlay.

Not all casual bettors will make individual wagers on each promoted parlay game. Many will, though. This money adds up to big action.

Casual bettors don’t make as many winning wagers as pro bettors.

Most of the individual bets that casual bettors make on promoted parlay games should lead to profit because most will make losing bets.

All those losing bets add up to big profit. 

Having control over your own business just makes sense. That’s why PayPerHead.com strives for new innovative ways for their agents to continue to make business decisions that are right for their sportsbooks.

From premium tools that allow agents to mitigate risk, to creating strategic promoted parlays at your fingertips, PayPerHead gives the control back to the bookies.

Talk to a PayPerHead rep today and find out how to get your live demo to learn about the all the features available with the Prime Package.

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