What Legalized Sports Betting in the US Means for Fans

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Washington Post sports reporter Rick Maese breaks down the Supreme Court ruling and explains when fans can start placing bets.  SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE

The decision set off a rush among states to put plans in place — a New Jersey racetrack said it would offer sports betting within weeks — and could revolutionize spectator sports, with some envisioning real-time wagering at baseball stadiums on whether the next pitch will produce a hit or an out, the Post noted.

The decision also sent casino stocks soaring. 

Of course, folks can still place bets online and have been for 20 years now with internationally licensed sites like Skybook (in business since 1997).  It hasn't always been easy though as some credit card issuing banks prohibit the activity, basing this policy on flawed federal banking laws pertaining to Web gambling.

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