Nguyen: 'Bitcoin Cash Can Function for Higher Level Technical Programming'

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nChain has started working on a proof-of-concept for a high level language and associated compiler that will enable programming with more sophisticated language capabilities, more sophisticated applications on Bitcoin Cash.

“We have believed for a long time that Bitcoin Cash has the capability, as the original Bitcoin did, to function for higher level technical programming,” Nguyen told CoinGeek.com. “So the Ethereum network was born with the solidity language to create smart contract solutions and apply patent for that, well, that’s totally doable on Bitcoin Cash.”

CoinGeek.com notes that there is currently a restriction on the number of OP_Codes in the Bitcoin Cash scripting language, currently standing at 200. Re-enabling the OP_Codes will enable smart contracts to run on the chain, which can start off a wave of commercial adoption since merchants and other projects and businesses can now be integrated into the BCH blockchain.

“That [restriction] needs to be lifted to make this high level language and compile a proof-of-concept with developing more usable,” Nguyen said.

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