Detroit Lions Regular Season Wins Prediction, Betting Odds 2017

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The Detroit Lions are a big favorites to win UNDER 8 regular season games in 2017.  The price was listed at -150 on the UNDER.  Those of you who think the Lions can finish above the .500 mark can get odds that pay out $120 for every $100 bet.  


What did the Lions do to get better during the draft and through free agency?

From NFL World:

“When you add Ricky Wagner and TJ Lang…… TJ Lang is this guy that Aaron Rodgers swore by.  TJ Lang is a tremendous guard and Ricky Lang is a really good tackle.  Now you are protecting Mr. Matthew Stafford.”

And what did they do in the draft?

“I love that first round draft pick Jarrad Davis.  He’s a cat who was at Florida, had some injuries, was tremendous.  And during the entire pre-draft buildup, everyone told me ‘have you met Jarrad Davis?’… I said ‘No’.  It’s like talking to Ray Lewis the intensity he has.”

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- Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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