Daniel Negreanu Talks Today’s Low WSOP Buy-Ins ‘When Are the $20 Events’?

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Not all so happy with the low buy-ins being offered for World Series of Poker events in recent years, Daniel Negreanu once joked “When are we going to do the $20 buy-ins and rebuys”?

“Today is just very, very different,” Negreanu said, comparing his early days playing at the WSOP.  “Back then the lowest buy-in available for a World Series of Poker event was $2000.  That was the lowest buy-in.

“Obviously we have seen a shift.  (We’ve) seen a change where you’ve got the $1500s becoming pretty common.  Then there was 1Ks.  Then there was backlash when we had a committee on how far they were going with this.  Then they introduced the $500 tournament and we were like ‘Whoooaa’.  Then this year we have a $300 online tournament.”

Negreanu adds that “today it really is about giving everybody a chance.  But that is not what it (the WSOP) was designed to do.”

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- Ace King, Gambling911.com

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