Brock Osweiler Could be Key to Browns Success With Odds of Winning 4.5 Games Likely

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One of our favorite futures bets for the 2017 NFL season is for the Browns to win OVER 4.5 regular season games with a payout of $11 for every $10 bet.


This is actually the type of bet that can end up paying out by the first half of the season if all goes according to plan.  That’s because Cleveland will be facing the likes of the Jets, Titans, Bengals, Texans and Colts, teams that are potentially beatable coming into 2017.

The Browns have addressed a number of issues during the offseason, including the quarterback position.  While it is yet to be determined who the starter might be, it’s at least good knowing there is some degree of competition and Brock Osweiler is looking like the early man to beat.

 “I’m speaking from my heart: He has been great,” Browns quarterbacks coach David Lee said. “His questions have been great. He has a lot of questions, but he oughta have. He knows how to play, he knows systems and when a read doesn’t make sense to him, there’s a reason it doesn’t because of somewhere he’s been before. I can’t speak of where he’s been before but I’ll tell you right now … he looks like a guy that’s played before. He’s great at the line of scrimmage, he’s great in the huddle, [has a] calming effect.

“Is he the QB yet? We ain’t got one yet, but he’s in the mix, for sure.”

For his part, Osweiller believes he’ll be able to improve on the fundamentals that hurt him while in Texas.


- Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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