Unibet Vows Fixes Following Gambling911 Scathing Reports

Written by:
Gilbert Horowitz
Published on:

Unibet has already switched over to proprietary software in neighboring New Jersey.


Our own Thomas Somach had highlighted how folks were unable to place bets with the Unibet mobile app over extended periods of time in the state.  The walk-in book at The Downs at Mohegan Sun in the Lehigh Valley, which is run by Unibet, also was shuttered during this time.

The company appeared to be more concerned about customer cleanliness than they were about keeping their website and sportsbook operational.

Somach also reported on how the company’s facility at the Downs at Lehigh Valley had erected signs warning customers that if they don’t get the smell out, they can get the hell out.

Even this week we are hearing complaints that the company failed to notify customers of any anticipated downtime.

"It's outrageous Unibet shut down its website for maintenance and upgrades without giving advance warning to its customers," Somach said. "I guess they thought the All-Star break would be a good time to do so because it’s a slow period but there are other sports going on plus a lot of people bet the All-Star game."


- Gilbert Horowitz, Gambling911.com

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