Tom Dwan Wins Biggest Pot in Televised Poker History

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Ace King
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This past weekend we had quite the drama during another Hustler live streamed poker event, the Million Dollar Game.


Players Dr.Hash“Wesley” Fei and Hasan "Huss" Onay got into a heated personal argument.

Pro Mike "The Mouth" Matusow wasn't present but he's fully reported Huss throughout the ordeal, even claiming to be wearing a Huss shirt.

The Mouth had no kind words for Wesley.

"I love Huss exposing Wesley for the fraud he is!," Matusow said.  On Tuesday, Mouth insisted there was no way that Wesley was the novice poker player that he claimed.

As Wednesday rolled around, perhaps in the spirit of the start of the World Series of Poker, Matusow had some kind words to say about Wesley.

"Now that entire poker world called Wesley out for fraud he is, his ego is very fragile so he's now playing lots of pots in bad spots! Only reason he's gambling is his narcissism is on full display! But I'll give some credit where credits due & at least hes not being a pussy!"

The Million Dollar Game finally came to an end at 4am PT after a 13-hour game on the 4th day.

The $3.1 Million pot was the biggest in televised poker history.

Tom Dwan was the ultimate winner as he squared off against Wesley at the final table.

Poker players chimed in about the much talked about event.

Et⋐ha.eth tweeted:

"Definitely one of the best live viewings ever. Not one I’ll forget any time soon, special thanks to HCL for going the extra mile and letting it rip all night !! That was awesome."

Shinu Chacko writes:

"Thank you guys for putting on an excellent show. This final day made it entirely worth it to watch. Hands down to everyone for making this a success. Congratulations!"

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