Mouth Doubts Wesley is a Newbie: Fully Supports Huff in Poker Spat

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Ace King
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In case you missed it, over the weekend a live streaming poker event at the Hustler Casino resulted in a spat between "Wes Side" Wesley Fei, also known as @CryptoApprenti1, and Hasan Onay "HasOnay94, also known as "Huss".

The cliff notes version had Huss calling out Wesley for "playing too tight", which resulted in Wesley apparently making personal attacks.  Huss claimed that Wesley insulted his mom.

Poker players were quick to come to Huss's defense, most notably Mike "The Mouth" Matusow.

"Reason I support Huss isn’t his antics it’s an honest poker player calling someone like Wesley out for the person he truly is! Huss knows what he is and is first person on stream to call him out for it! #facts."

Matusow also referred to Wesley as a "fraud" and "cheater".

Some in the poker community did defend @CryptoApprenti1, claiming he could not be a cheater since he's so new to the game of poker.  As the story goes, Wesley only started playing last year.

Mouth refutes that claim.

"@crpytoaprenti1 blocked me cause he knows he’s a lying fraud! Everyone with half a brain knows he’s been playing poker a lot longer then yr and half! Not to mention people who flaunt their money usually isn’t their money! #fraud".

Huss quipped via Twitter Tuesday:

Looking forward to watching the @HCLPokerShow show today!

"To all the Wesley fans (or Wesley himself) I’m happy to cross book any significant amount of action against Wesley today! I’ll be anti sweating him either way but this will make it more enjoyable!"

- Ace King,

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