Today's Most Bet on Sides - January 4

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C Costigan
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Much of the focus today will be on tomorrow and Sunday.


Today's hot games will include the Mavericks vs. Celtics (ESPN) and Thunder and Trailblazers (ESPN) in the NBA.  The Knicks-Lakers game should attract some attention from gamblers. 

The Chargers were seeing 62% of the action as a +2.5 visiting dog against Baltimore Sunday.  Early on at least the line on this game is moving in the wrong direction (+2 to +2.5) based on the action.  That's an indication that the books are liking Baltimore to some degree. has not yet assigned an edge in this game.

The Cowboys were seeing 55/45 action as a -2 favorite versus Seattle.  That won't cut it in terms of determining an edge in this one.  If you rely heavily on Sagarin, they calculate this matchup as a PICK'EM.

The other two NFL Playoffs games this weekend are seeing balanced action.

Look for to possibly give Baltimore a 55% edge in their game but that's still up in the air as this is going to press early Friday morning.  By comparison, we moved the Huskies chance up to 70% the other night in a cardiac arrest-inducing game.

- Don Shapiro,

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