‘Squid Game’ Slot Machine First for Netflix

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Jordan Bach
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Netflix is about to dip its toe into the casino slot machine licensing sector for the very first time with its new 'Squid Game' slot.


Licensing of flagship brands like Wheel of Fortune and Marvel titles are among the most popular found in any casino.  Some are even available online. 

Our friends at BetUS offer popular titles like Pinocchio to compliment their live dealer casino.

"You no doubt know the story—the wooden creation that magically comes to life. Well, now you can enjoy the Pinocchio slot that features plenty of much-loved characters from this classic novel. And instead of one mode, you’ve got three! This keeps things fresh and interesting with each and every reel spin. So, if you like slots where no two spins are the same, you’ll love this one."

Light & Wonder is the game developer for the "Squid Game" slot.  It incorporates some of the challenges the characters in the 2021 series, allowing players to take part in “Red Light, Green Light,” “Tug of War” and the “The Glass Tilee” on a jumbo 75-inch screen, Eileen AJ Connelly of The Wrap reveals.

The second season of the Netflix hit is expected soon though no official date has been announced.

Netflix did unveil “Squid Game: The Challenge,” a reality show that will bring 456 real-life players to compete in a series of physical challenges and team-centers competitions, with millions dangling as the reward.  Nobody is going to be killed off however. 

- Jordan Bach, Gambling911.com

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