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With the number of high profile athletes using Tiwtter on the rise, and stories of their prolific one-liners whether they be jabs, preliminary contract negotiations, or simple complaints about officiating on the rise, speculation is growing as to whether pro sports leagues and/or franchises will ever beat the Tweet. This is especially true since Chad Johnson's proclamation yesterday that he will be using Twitter during games drew criticism and uproar suggesting a potential in-game ban on Twitter from the NFL. This being the case, the largest most successful sportsbook on the web, BetUS.com posted odds on all things pro sports and Twitter.

Analysts at BetUS.com posted the following odds on Twitter and Pro Sports:


Will Chad Johnson do a Twitter TD Celebration?

Yes  3/1

No  1/5

Will Lance Armstrong Tweet from his bike during the Tour?

Yes  3/1

No  1/5

Will an NFL Player Tweet from the end zone?

Yes  4/1

No  1/7

Who will be the next player to use Twitter in-game?

Charlie Villanueva  5/2

Chad Johnson  3/2

Shaq  5/1

Shawne Merriman  6/1

Lamar Odomn  8/1

Chris Bosh  10/1

Baron Davis  11/1

BJ Penn  50/1

Field  2/1

Who will be the first to 50,000 Followers?

Chris Bosh  5/6

Charlie Villanueva  5/6

Will a player retire via Twitter before 2011?

Yes  2/1

No  1/3

Will a player be suspended for a Twitter message?

Yes  5/1

No  1/10

The first league to suspend a player for Tweeting:

NBA  1/5

NFL  5/4

NHL  6/1

MLB  10/1

What will be the first league to officially ban Twitter during games?

NFL  5/6

NBA  10/11

NHL  5/1

MLB  8/1


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