Weekend MLB Parlays That Will Increase Sportsbook Action

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MLB is back in action with some fantastic matchups this Saturday, July 21 and this Sunday, July 22.

Online bookies should keep reading for games that they can include in MLB parlays that are sure to increase betting action.

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MLB Parlays: Saturday, July 21

New York Mets at New York Yankees

Atlanta Braves at Washington Nationals

Houston Astros at L.A. Angels

St. Louis Cardinals at Chicago Cubs

So that bookies can decide which games they wish to include in their MLB parlays, we’ll discuss how to promote each game.

Let’s start with Mets vs Yankees.

Mets vs Yankees should garner plenty of attention because the teams are cross-town rivals.

Adding the Yankees into any MLB parlay will lead to action because it’s the New York Yankees. They’re like the Dallas Cowboys of MLB.

The odds on the Braves to win the NL Pennant have dipped to +650. The Nationals must make a move to catch the Braves in the NL East. There’s instant drama in this matchup.

Houston is a solid favorite to win the World Series. Not only that, but the Astros start their best pitcher, Justin Verlander, on Saturday.

The best non-pitcher baseball player in MLB is Mike Trout. Name dropping both Verlander and Trout should lead to online bookie sportsbook success.

Cardinals vs Cubs virtually promotes itself. Both teams are incredibly popular. This is also a rivalry game. Finally, the Cardinals fired manager Mike Matheny earlier this week.

Will St. Louis play better without Matheny?

MLB Parlays: Sunday, July 21

Boston Red Sox at Detroit Tigers

Houston Astros at L.A. Angels

St. Louis Cardinals at Chicago Cubs

New York Mets at New York Yankees

Online bookies can use the same methods they use on Saturday to promote Astros at Angels, Cardinals at Cubs, and Mets at Yankees.

If bookies decide to add Boston at Detroit into their promoted parlays, they must take precaution.

The reason to add Boston at Detroit into any promoted MLB parlays is that the Red Sox list Chris Sale as their starter.

Sale is one of the best pitchers in MLB. The likelihood of Sale not taking down Detroit is massive.

Any online bookies that add the Red Sox on Sunday to any promoted parlays should consider it a throw away game. That means they’ve added the game to encourage action.    

Using the right marketing messages, as well as adding that “carrot” to promote the MLB parlays is a great way to increase action on MLB betting.

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